Sanborns @ Multiplaza 

A few mums has mentioned that Sanborns at Multiplaza was a good place for lunch or a coffee with kids.  This week E and I met some new friends there.

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Sanborns can be found at the end of Multiplaza by Tiffanys, Carolina Herrera etc. If you are going at this time of year, right by the Swarovski tree. It is part store (selling everything from cakes and makeup to model sail boats) and part restaurant. They have ample seating, highchairs galore and a children’s menu. There is both indoor and outdoor seating. For the kids there is also a small play area comprising of a slide and crawling tunnel over artificial grass. The area is fenced in with a small entrance that doesn’t have a gate, and parents are responsible for their own children.

E managed to climb up the ramp and use the slide no problems but obviously needed to be spotted as her spacial awareness isn’t very good yet and she tends to get distracted then step off the edge of things. Older kids should be just fine playing in there with minimal supervision. The slide frame is taped up in places but this seemed like superficial repairs rather than a real structural issue.

The coffee was ok and service was good (although the restaurant was not busy at the time). I would say it is a good place to go with kids over 3 although how long the play area would keep them amused would very much depend on the child. It would also be fine with surefooted toddlers if you don’t mind spoting them when needed and you can get a table by the play area.