Merry Christmas 

Christmas above all is about being with those people you care about. As expats we often can find ourselves on the other side of the world, miles away from those very people. At this time of year that can be very hard. So here is hoping that everyone is with someone they love at this time of year, be it your children, your extended family, or your expat friends. Have a very Merry Christmas and “see” you in the New Year. 

Christmas @ Multiplaza

With all the dreadful weather we had last week I have been pulling out all the stops to keep E happy. After a couple of days indoors we were ready to get out of the house. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and head to Multiplaza to check out the new Christmas lights and do a little Christmas shopping at the same time. Continue reading “Christmas @ Multiplaza”

Panama Mama’s

If you are new mama to Panama then you may not have encountered Panama Mamas. Being British I am used to mummy groups, birthing class groups, soft play, tumble tots, breast feeding groups, baby yoga, pramercise (yes this exists) and all manner of groups catering to the new (and not so new) mum (and dad). Continue reading “Panama Mama’s”