Before I had my daughter Erynn (aka “Little Bean”) I had no idea how important activities or places to go with her would become. Let’s face it at first your focus is on the birth, feeding and sleep (oh yes sleep, remember that?) I was a midwife for 16 years so the actual baby care was relatively easy to grasp. Once Erynn got a little older I was suddenly faced with the question, “What do I do with this little person to keep her amused all day, and myself sane?”

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My life is split between two countries, Panama and the UK.  I have to say that I find my native England much easier to source activities to do with a baby/toddler as there is just so much information and so many choices when it comes to keeping little people happy. In Panama, whilst there are places to go, I have found I have had to look harder to discover what is on offer. That is where this blog grew from, I hope that as the Little Bean and I chronicle our experiences, they may prove useful to other mums finding themselves asking “What can we do today?”

If there is any collaboration with a venue or person then this will be stated in my blog.

Jennifer is, an ex midwife / photographer / sleep deprived / blogger / British /stay at home mum trying to juggle family life across two continents.

Erynn is my nutter butter / dancer extraordinaire / balloon thief / bunny rabbit loving daughter.

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