Kool Kidz Playland and Cafe, Clayton

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Tucked up on the first floor of the Clayton Mall is the little gem that is the Kool Kidz Playland and Cafe. (Open Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm). There is lift access to the first floor, and plenty of parking. First impressions are that it is clean, tidy and very well presented. The lay out means that the kids area is easily visible from most of the tables in the cafe. the two areas are separated by glass which I assume helps to reduce the noise impact from the little darlings at play.

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So what is on offer to keep the kids amused? There is a small toddler area which comprises of a ball pool, assorted small see-saws, and a soft padded bridge to clamber over. In the bigger, two level, kiddy area which is adjacent there is a larger ball pool with 3 slides, a trampoline, two swings, and a couple of suspended walk ways. More than enough to keep your angels occupied for an hour or more whilst you relax with a coffee. (You do remain responsible for the supervision of your child at all times, so us parents with younger kids will probably be lucky to get a slurp of hot coffee!) Strangely to me, they have chosen to install two gun like toys that I assume make bubbles or some such thing, (I have to say I didn’t ask) but do look like colourful plastic machine guns. Everything is padded and has nets, so it all looks pretty safe for kiddies to bounce off. The only thing that I found amiss was that the floor has interlocking foam tiles and these were rising up in places and I have to say that E did fall over each time she tried to run across them. That aside she had a fantastic time and went out like a light at nap time so I can’t ask for better than that!

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With the kids taken care of what is on offer for us adults? Well there is a good selection of coffee, smoothies and juices. There are also a small variety of snacks on offer. There is ample seating and the toilets accommodate adult, child and baby and were again very clean. We went on a Monday afternoon at 2pm and we had the place to ourselves. I have no idea how busy it would be after school, or in the early evening. It did mean that I was able to let E have a run around the big kid area which she loved (lets just say I got my exercise that afternoon).

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Cost is £8 for 1 hr per child, £15 for 3 hrs per child. They do host birthday parties. I think that in relation to the cost of similar soft play areas this is definitely better value for money. The staff are lovely and even gave my balloon mad daughter a couple of balloons. My only complaint would be that they are not open on weekends. Open Mon-Fri 12.00-19.00.




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