Kids Playground #3 @ Albrook

The Kids Playground at Albrook Mall is tucked next to the large Arrocha. I had checked it out on their website and was excited to go. It has the same $5 fee for kids and $2 further for adults (exc itbms) for 30 minutes, as it’s smaller counterparts in Multiplaza.

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First I must say that I went on a week day and they were setting up for a children’s party. When I arrived mid afternoon they had to run around to turn the lights, music and machines on. There are play areas for both small and big kids, so if you have different ages to cater for you are set. The cafe area was closed but I have seen it open on a weekend before. The equipment was not set up as I had seen on line, no slides going into the ball pool and the toddler area had been set up differently. Some of the equipment was not put together correctly, notably the side was hanging off the toddler cube apparatus, tape holding cables down on the floor was peeling off and the carousel had some of the plastic sheathes covering cables falling down. All small easily fixable things but it was not as well maintained as I would hope a kiddies play area would be.

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E seemed to enjoy herself however, it was a shame there were no other kiddies there to play with but that seems to be normal on a week day here from what I have seen so far. I would rate this as better value for money, and E was kept entertained throughout our 30 min.

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