Games Box @ Multicentro

This was a recommendation from another mum on Panama Mamas. We were shopping (again) at Multicentro so we thought we would try it out. When you see Games Box, it looks like your regular arcade, but tucked at the back are two kid gym areas with various slides, and activities. One is for littlies, and the other for bigger kids, so great if you have children of different ages. although you may find yourself torn keeping an eye on them as the spaces are separate but close to each other.

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It works like this, you have to head to the cash desk and buy a card ($1) and they add to this your credit ($5 for 20 min) and as you enter the toddler area one of the a staff will swipe your card deducting the correct amount of credit. It is expensive when compared to other play areas in Panama City, and much of the equipment looks well loved. But it did have age appropriate activities for my 15m old daughter and she delighted in running from area to area. I would say any child once mobile could enjoy the area, although maybe for crawling babies a quiet weekday would be better.

So far as I remember there are several pieces of equipment including, slide, ball-pool, bouncing slings, and a carousel. Her favourite thing by far was the balloon room, a small area with balloons and giant balls and a large fan  moving them around. She went crazy for it and was in and out the whole time we were there. Balloons are one of her current passions so it was always going to be a hit. This was the first place she cried when we had to go, so I think that tells me she liked it.

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I am not sure I would stump the $5 for 20 min every week, not because it isn’t good,or we can’t afford it, I just find it hard to get my head round the cost for so little time (being used to unlimited time for a similar cost in the UK). So I guess it is whether it is really value for money I am getting at. But as I so often find myself saying here in Panama, “It is what it is”, and this is not the UK. Things just seem to cost more for this kind of activity here.

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