Park @ Plaza de la Democracia

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Plaza de la Democracia is the plaza at the Patilla end of the Cinta Costera. You may or may not know that tucked at the back there are a couple of play areas. It has some fantastic views of the city, and the plaza itself is a nice space with fountains and an outdoor theatre.

We went along last weekend to take a look. I am sad to say I was disappointed. The fenced in children’s area clearly states no dogs and the first thing I saw was a maid sat in there with a dog as men who looked like park maintenance guys walked around not saying anything. The area itself is great for older kids as it has some great rope access climbing frames, slides etc.

Outside of this area there are  a couple of climbing frames again probably better for older kids, and there was dog poop everywhere, so we called it a day and went to our usual park. I think we went on a bad day possibly so far as cleanliness goes, but looking at the play areas I think really it is better for older, non toddler kids anyway.

I do have one thing that bugs me. I noticed it in Parque Urraca and in this park too, they seem to think that a loose gravel surface is a good thing to put under climbing frames. This really puzzles me. Not only does it hide things like dog poop and broken glass, but if you have ever had to pick gravel out of a kids scraped knee you will know it is not much fun. I know  it may be hard to find surfaces that work well in a tropical climate, but there are other kid friendly options. Anyway I know it isn’t a deal breaker but it does cross my mind when I see it.

So over all this Plaza does have some amazing views of the city but not really your best option with a toddler in my opinion.



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