Panama Mama’s

If you are new mama to Panama then you may not have encountered Panama Mamas. Being British I am used to mummy groups, birthing class groups, soft play, tumble tots, breast feeding groups, baby yoga, pramercise (yes this exists) and all manner of groups catering to the new (and not so new) mum (and dad). Groups that give the children time to blow off steam and socialise whilst the sleep deprived parent can sit and reboot their blood caffeine levels and reassure themselves that they are not the only ones scraping food off the ceiling and still committing the mortal sin of feeding to sleep. Maternity leave in the UK can be up to a year and when all your other friends are at work all week, groups like this can be a real life line.

Whilst Panama may have a shortfall of groups for new mums there are a few Facebook groups in which mums can connect and share valuable information about not only being a parent in Panama, but tips on where to find a good electrician, or which doctor gives the best service. Mummy’s tips, Women’s Circles and Panama Mama’s are the three I have encountered, but there are other sites such as Baby Garage Pty, Canal Zone Yard Sale, Garage Sale PTY, all of which are goods selling pages rather than mummy pages. Some pages are in spanish some are in both English and Spanish.

I use Panama Mama’s. The group is closed so you need to request to join. It is a community of women of all ages who share information about living in Panama. I and many other mums I know have found it very valuable for finding all sorts of things. Some mums post for feeding advice or with child base problems, but in my experience it is predominately “where can I find” type questions. There is usually someone who can help. The group does have the occasional social gathering, I have only been to one but it was lovely to meet other mums in the same boat so to speak. A great resource for mums in Panama.

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