Why has my baby’s behaviour changed?

Late in my pregnancy a friend asked me if I had heard of The Wonder Weeks. Of course being a first time mum I had no idea what it was. Fifteen months later I swear by it.

Whilst there is a book of the same title you can buy and plough through, I have found the app to be simple and straightforward and more than adequate for a new mum learning to juggle her time. The gist of The Wonder Weeks theory is that babies go through “leaps” in their learning and abilities throughout the first 18 months or so of their lives. These leaps generally occur at predictable times from their expected due date (as opposed to their actual birth date) and that there are certain changes in behaviour during these “leaps”.

The leaps themselves involve cognitive and physical advances for the child, so say learning that there is distance between objects, then the associated anxiety/crying when you leave the room. For me it helped me understand what was happening to E, why she was being unusually fussy, what changes in behaviour to expect (sadly more sleep disruption than usual is a given), what she was learning and how to help her.

I have a group of on line friends who all have babies born around a similar time (we were all due in the same month), and it has been interesting to see each of the babies go through theses stages in turn. Not every baby had every symptom but as a general rule they have all followed the pattern. Anyway check it out for yourself and see.

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