Kids Playground #1 @ Multiplaza

I have been redecorating our apartment recently so I have been spending a certain amount of time in malls. In the name of research, and to apologise to my poor daughter  who is dragged along, I occasionally let her have a run in one of the play areas available. Multiplaza, for those in the know has two Kids Playground areas, one on the first floor and one on the third floor. This article is about the first floor area.

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Firstly both areas are very small and very simple, good for a 30 min run around rather than a whole morning or afternoon time filler. Is it worth the $5 exc itbms (plus $2 for an adult) tariff for 30 min? Personally I think you would be better off with the larger Kids Playground in Albrook Mall (or one of the other branches in Costa del Este or Punta Pacifica) which costs exactly the same and has a lot more on offer. However my daughter did enjoy herself.

The first floor area has 5 “toys”. A large slide in the centre with an area to run around underneath, a rotating tunnel, a donkey carousel, a carousel with three seats with steering wheels (pictured), and a merry go round with bikes that the child peddles to make it move. E could not use the bike merry go round, or the rotating tunnel as they were above her current abilities at 15 months. She needed help onto the moving carousels and as expected I had to walk next to her. Sadly the equipment is worn and in poor repair, so one ponders what you are paying $5 for, and it is worth noting there is no secure place to leave valuables. In conclusion I think it is a better spot for children who can play without an adult being next to them, it does do the job however for a quick break in a shopping day.

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