Hanging out in Marbella

There are many parks in Panama City. We are lucky that only a few blocks away we have an awesome park. It is small but perfect.

Playing in the toddler area

Parque Ricardo Galindo O, which is often referred to as “Marbella park”, is tucked up a side street off Avenida Balboa, close to the Coffee Bean (great for topping up your caffeine levels) and the Japanese School. It has very recently been refurbished with climbing frames suitable for kids of all ages, and has been covered in astroturf, so it is great for children to run around on, and relatively mud free. The other thing I love about the park is that it has good shade provided by trees and buildings, although the shaded areas change as the sun moves. As if all that wasn’t enough it also has a designated, fenced off, toddler area which is entirely in the shade.

E and I have been coming here since she was about 5 months old, we would have a quick go on the swing and sit by the fountain. As she has grown and with the recent refurbishment, it has become a favourite morning hang out for us. Most of the slides and climbing frames are toddler friendly (with supervision) and she just enjoys running about on the “grass” chasing her ball. As no dogs are allowed in the park I don’t have to worry about where she is running or what she might step in! Parking is on the street but there is parking at the near by Balboa Plaza. Well worth checking out.

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