Enchanted Forest fun @ AltaPlaza

Last Saturday was a wash out, I am sure I was not the only mum in Panama thinking “Gaaa!”. Being stuck in doors all day with an energetic toddler is just not fun. I decided to head over to the new AltaPlaza Mall in Dorado Springs to see what was on offer.

The mall itself is great, smaller than other malls in Panama and many stores are not yet open. It has a good selection of the usual suspects, Stevens, Zara etc, but there are a few surprises like Muy Mucho which does great affordable home accessories. For sugar addicts there is a Mrs Fields and for my fellow caffeine addicts there is a Starbucks. The food court has a good selection of restaurants and there is a Cinema.

Processed with MOLDIV

Tucked near the entrance to the mall from the multi-story carpark, next to the electronic kids car hire desk, is a largish kids play area. Children must be under 120 cm to enter, and the usual no shoes rule applies. The area itself is fairly straight forward, a large carpeted area with animals and objects around an enchanted forest theme. It is not the fanciest soft play ever seen, no ball pools or sensory rooms, but it is clean and there is a large area for kids to run about. There wasn’t anywhere secure to put valuables so bear that in mind. My daughter loves it but at (almost) 15 months I think she is in the right age range for what is on offer, and for $2 for 30 min you can’t go wrong. A good no frills place for toddlers and young children to blow off steam after a days shopping and combined with an ice cream it could fill a rainy afternoon.


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